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Fertigation systems

EZ-Flo High Pressure Units
The EZ-Flo Sprinkler Main Line connection is a commercial grade Fertilizer Injector System.   The system connects directly to the sprinkler main line between the back flow preventer and the sprinkler valves, so the tank is under constant pressure.   The main line connection can feed multiple sprinkler zones with one tank.   The system feeds through all types of sprinklers or drip emitters each time the area is watered.   The EZ-Flo system is ideal for residential or commercial landscapes, gardens or small growers.

  • EZ Adjustment feed rates from 15000:1 (15000 gallons of water to distribute 1 gallon of fertilizer) to 400:1
  • Broad flow Ranges from 5 PSI, 10 GPH minimum, no maximum flow rate, maximum tank pressure to 80 PSI
  • Pressure Relief Safety Valve for safe operation and durability
All units include everything you need except a coupler to plumb it into your PVC line, that must be purchased separately.



That you can fertilize your landscape while you irrigate? It is called FERTIGATION. Fertigation allows the landscape to absorb UP TO 90% OF THE APPLIED NUTRIENTS, while granular or dry fertilizer applications typically result in absorption rates of 10% to 40%.

Daily feeding in small, scientifically consistent doses leads to healthier, more beautiful growth. Fertigation will even fertilize your trees and shrubs in your desertscape as well as those yards that have lawn.

With the fertigation system you eliminate over feeding, waste and run-off, and stripes in the lawn from uneven applications.

Place your mouse over the picture to see this yard BEFORE Fertigation brought it back to life !

Call us at 215.943.4814 to discuss how Fertigation Systems can do the same for your landscape.

Lawn Sprinklers

Professionally designed and installed, an automatic sprinkler or irrigation system is one of the easiest ways to keep your lawn and gardens looking their absolute best, while giving you many great benefits. Once you have a sprinkler system you'll wonder how you ever got along without one. Maintenance and service is minimal too. Our clients have told us what they think those sprinkler system benefits are, so we thought we'd let them describe them to you themselves…

Simplicity – "After our sprinklers were installed we never again had to drag lawn and garden hoses and sprinklers around our yard, we never again had to worry about whether we were watering too much (or too little), and we never again had to worry about how to keep our precious lawn and gardens watered when we needed or wanted to be away. Our  sprinkler system saves us plenty of time and hassle… and gives us Summer leisure time we never would have dreamed possible."

Efficient & effective – "Because our sprinkler system controller turns the sprinklers on and off automatically, we don’t have to be around to move them, turn them on or off… nothing. We’re no longer tyrannized by our watering chores… so we have lots of time now to do the things we’d rather be doing – instead of moving hoses... thanks to our  irrigation system."

They add value – "Achieving and sustaining an attractive landscape has meant we had to make a substantial financial commitment… as well as on-going regular, careful, thoughtful maintenance. Our sprinkler system has helped us protect that investment by ensuring healthier, more robust, and much longer-lasting plants, shrubs, trees and turf. In fact, what we originally considered as simply an improvement for our convenience, our sprinkler system from A-driphas proven to have increased the value and ‘curb appeal’ of our home quite significantly."  

Landscape Lighting

Technology is changing the way we use our properties. Unobtrusive, fully automatic low-voltage landscape lighting systems from A-DRIPare designed with your personal tastes & lifestyle in mind... and outdoor lighting systems are economical to operate, too.

There are many great benefits when you add landscape lighting to your property, including...
Beauty – It’s been said beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but sometimes those eyes may need to be guided a bit. Landscape lighting is a great way to draw attention to, and emphasize the interesting landscape or architectural features of your home… it can soften, dramatize, highlight, reveal, and even conceal.

Well-placed outdoor accent lighting creates fascinating silhouettes and shadows using trees and other natural features.
Safety – Path, deck  andstep lights are both charming and unobtrusive, while helping minimize the risk of slips and falls. They help protect your family, guests, and property, and reduce your risk of liability. Post top, bollard, or pagoda-style lights stylishly brighten your driveway.

Security – Statistics suggest an unlit home is three times as likely to be burglarized than one equipped with exterior and landscape lighting. With landscape lighting you’ll likely never have to spend another sleepless night thinking you heard a noise in the garage, footsteps in your yard, or the sound of breaking glass from the unlit back of your home.

Increased Property Value – The relative ‘curb appeal’ of your home helps determine its resale value… and when it comes time to sell your home, landscape lighting is one of the best ways to get a great return on your landscape investment. A one time investment that lasts a lifetime.
And increased value means more than just the dollar value. You’ll significantly increase the ways you use your property after dark. You’ll find new uses for areas of your yard you’ve never thought of before, and you’ll experience a new level of enjoyment seeing your landscape after dark.

Becoming the Envy of Your Neighborhood – Create a mood – soothing or dramatic – for your outdoor spaces. The right lighting design makes your home glow with unmistakable beauty for everyone to see. You’ll enjoy the architectural & design features of your home and your landscape in ways you’ve never thought of… and you’ll be the envy of your neighborhood.

All This & the Responsible Use of Electricity, Too!
With the revolutionary, new LED (light emitting diodes) lighting technology, the added savings in electricity for your garden lighting is nothing short of unbelievable.

Whether you want to use outdoor & landscape lighting to accent a landscape or architectural feature, light up a special place, brighten up steps and walkways to give visiting guests safe, comfortable access... or provide a better sense of personal security, A-dripcustom-designed and professionally installed landscape lighting fixtures and systems can bring wonderful new perspectives to your yard.

Just Imagine...

The Landscape Lighting Possibilities for Your Property...

Here are descriptions of just a few of the effects you can achieve, using one or more landscape lighting fixtures to beautify your home, your lawn, your gardens... anything on your property you'd like to draw…
Path and Spread-lighting – placed along walkways, paths and steps, these downward-pointing outdoor lightingfixtures cast inviting pools of light so your family and guests can walk confidently and safety... 

Deck, Step & Accent Lighting – add this type of fixture to clearly illuminate an area. This can be as simple as a few, appropriate landscape lighting fixtures placed on the top or face your deck railing posts, at corners, on or in the face of each step. Your choices and resulting effects are almost limitless...

Spot-lighting – aiming a landscape spot-lightingfixture on a given area or feature is an effective technique for high-lighting a statue, tree, entranceway, unique landscape, or an architectural feature, turning it into a striking landscape focal point.
Grazing-lighting – Outdoor lighting fixtures are placed so they'll shine across a textured surface like a brick wall, a rock face, and interesting architectural feature, tree bark... and because they create a significant contrast between high and low areas, they accentuate the texture, often quite dramatically...

Up-lighting – create dramatic effects as you accentuate things like a tree, rock formation, artwork, sculptures, or architectural features, etc., by mounting the landscape lighting fixtures on, or burying well-lights around a feature, and then angling the light beams upward onto them...

Back-lighting/Silhouetting – By concealing the lighting source directly behind and below a desired landscape feature and reflecting the light off a vertical surface behind it, you'll create attractive silhouetted effects.

Cross-Lighting – Similar to up-lighting, using two or more landscape lighting fixtures beamed from different directions on the sides of the feature you want to highlight... shining across it, gives it a much greater sense of dimensionality.

Every A-drip  name-brand outdoor landscape lighting fixture begins with a top-quality, solid metal structure, trimmed out in a distinctive powder coated or natural copper finish, designed for long-term, dependable service, and fully guaranteed by the outdoor lighting manufacturer against corrosion and fixture failure.

And the good news is, we can get you just about any landscape lighting fixture you could want... so you're assured of finding just the right combination of utility and style to suit your discriminating tastes... just ask us. 

On top of all that, you get our own ‘Total Satisfaction Installation Guarantee.’

At A-DRIP  we'd love to shed some landscape light on your many options. Be sure to ask for your  copy of our FREE report...